Sewing is fun, educational, practical, and will save you money!

  • You can make clothing for yourself or others. It is more economical and practical to sew quality-made clothing.
  • You will save money on alterations by adjusting store-bought clothing or extending the life of the clothing you already have.
  • You can alter clothing for others and even start a new business.
  • You can sew and make crafts for yourself, as gifts for others, or to sell.
  • You can sew home decor items for your own home or for others which is much less expensive than purchasing retail.
  • You can express your creative side and design something that is exactly the size, color, style, and fabric that you want.

  • Sewing is a wonderful hobby for all ages!
    * Sewing is a wonderful medium of empowerment.
    * Sewing is great for developing problem-solving skills, strong motor skills, attention to detail, and enhances productivity.
    * Sewing not only helps people to learn a hobby that is fun and artistic, it teaches math, critical thinking, and spatial awareness. 
    * Plus, it’s just plain “FUN”. 
    * Be sure to sign up for our upcoming classes offered at our studio and via parks and rec.


    Clinical Study: Sewing Stimulates Creativity in Children

    "A clinical psychologist Dr. Robert Reiner of the New York-based Behavioral Associates conducted a study that involved 100 grade school children. The children were given the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking and were then randomly assigned to participate in one of the following activities: 1-watching a videotaped movie, 2-playing a hand-held computer game, 3-painting with watercolors, 4-sewing a simple project, 5-music appreciation.


    After completing the assigned activity, the children were tested again. Those who had spent time sewing and painting showed significant increases in creativity. Children who played a computer game showed no changes in creativity levels and those who watched the videotaped movies, actually scored a lower level of creativity.


    Dr. Reiner concluded that sewing (and other "hands-on" activities such as painting, drawing) not only stimulate creativity, they also help develop patience, perseverance and problem-solving skills.  According to child development experts, the optimum time to introduce new topics of learning is between the ages of 5 and 12."

    Here are tips for keeping your sewing machine in optimum operating condition:
    • Replace your sewing needle every time you begin a project. A dull or slightly bent needle will cause poor stitch quality and the needle could break.
    • Clean the dust and lint out of the bobbin case area after each project. It is also easier if you vacuum the lint out using an attachment. Do not blow the lint out because it could blow the lint into the sewing head.
    • Remove any nicks in the throat plate by gently rubbing with Crocus Cloth. This helps avoid abrasion to thread and reduces thread breakage.
    • Plug your machine into a surge protector which avoids power surges and low-power "brown-outs."
    • Get your machine serviced and cleaned at least once a year.
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