Rules and Procedures

Safety Rules
To make sure that everyone can learn and have fun in a safe environment, please keep the following rules in mind:

Polynesian dance students:

• Listen to your kumu/ ra'atira (teacher)
• No glass bottles in our dance room 
• Do not touch or puncture the mirror

** All Polynesian dance students will receive a handbook of proper cultural and dance protocols and rules of our halau and pupu ori. ** 

Sewing students:

  • Listen to the teacher's instructions.
  • Place your coats, books, and bags in separate places, away from your sewing area.
  • Wear shoes at all times during sewing class. You do not want to accidentally step on a pin or needle.
  • Keep your fingers away from the sewing machine needle when winding the bobbin and operating the machine.
  •  Look under your fabric before cutting with scissors and carry scissors with the sharp edge pointing towards the floor. When the scissors are not being used, place them on the cutting table, sewing table, or in your sewing box. 
  • Tread the needle with caution and lower the pressure foot before starting to sew on your fabric. 
  • Remove the pins from your fabric as you sew and place them in the pin cushion after you use them. NEVER put straight pins or needles in your mouth.
  • Place the iron in the upright position after use. When using the iron hold it by the handle only. 
  • Let your teacher help you use the seam ripper.
  • Place your seam gauge, ruler, scissors, and pins in the sewing box after using them. 
  • Adult students will use a hot iron to get the wrinkles out of their fabric or garment. Children/ teens are not allowed to use a hot iron unless given written permission and a signed waiver is completed.